The heavy transport shipbuilding sector has very specific technical characteristics. The work of painting must first and foremost be durable, but also have beautiful, clean lines. CIM srl specialises in both powder and liquid painting, and according to the customer's needs studies and suggests the best solution to be implemented.

It boasts a dedicated, fully automated plant in its facilities, which provides for the cleaning of the parts through an initial surface washing and then a further washing cycle with a special chemical primer, which allows the colour to adhere perfectly, the application of the paint and the baking in a dedicated oven at a constant, controlled temperature.

The automatic painting plant with 258 sling bars can accommodate workpieces up to a maximum size of 5 metres x 2.5 metres x 0.9 metres. For large workpieces, the company has a sectional booth with a dedicated oven of over 20 metres, with the possibility of using it for the entire size or dividing it into 2 mirrored halves and advancing processing in parallel as required.

Finally, in the area dedicated exclusively to the surface finishing of products, we find a sanding area of approximately 800 square metres with complete dust extraction from the floor. All painters are qualified at IIS.